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Not Just for Beginners

We are not only training beginners and intermediate students, we also train professional performing musicians and active music teachers most of which already have college degrees and academic achievements already.  The university programs are often not fully equipping students with the real skills and connections they need to secure to get the parts and roles they need.  


Vocal and Audition Preparation

We help students prepare for professional auditions for musicals, professional touring bands and college auditions. Our combined array of teachers make us an attractive option for professionals who are seeking to brush up on their skills.  We have had many students achieve noteworthy professional accolades and success.



We also offer workshops available only to professional and accomplished musicians.  These workshops are only selectively marketed areas only available to our students OR musicians who already have a certain skill set.  Submit your name and if you are interested in participating or hearing about upcoming workshops. 



Jazz/Blues Piano Teacher Training

We offer teacher training for piano teachers in teaching blues, jazz and other studies.  These training sessions are taught by our resident piano teacher Laura Hoffman who has been teaching for over 30 years. She recently published her own teaching method which is widely available.  The method equips standard piano teachers with more tools for using repertoire in blues and jazz for formal studying in private and group lessons.