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The contents of this page are designed to be useful for those who are new to private lessons. If you are new to private lessons you can read about our teachers bios or read more about lessons for each the instrument of your choice. (clicking scrolls down the page).  


We offer lessons on Guitar, Violin, Flute, Bass, Drums, Harp, Voice, Piano, and Saxophone


We DO offer professional training for professional and aspiring musicians as well as teacher training. (Read More)






      The Quick Lowdown on Private Lessons:



The most efficient way to learn an instrument

Private lessons are the most traditional and effective way to learn a musical instrument.  The speed of modern day technology has not replaced the efficiency of learning an instrument when cultivated between a nurturing student/teacher bond.


Lesson lengths vary
We offer lessons in 1/2 hr, 3/4 hr and 1 hour increments.  The decision to take longer lessons depends on the age and level of the student balanced with between the commitment of more time and money.  For longer lessons you will need to provide more time to practice at home which should be considered.  If you aren’t sure, we recommend starting with 1/2-hr private lessons which can be upgraded later if you like provided there is room in the teacher’s schedule.


Scheduling day/time arranged individually

Private lessons are scheduled on an individual basis and you may begin private lessons at any time, If you begin in the middle of the session this will not affect where your lesson plan will begin because all lessons are customized for each student.  The availability for all instruments will vary and most are offered eveyday but Sunday.  You choose one lesson time per week and meet at that time every week. 


Call 312 416-0622 now or email us  in order to find out what we have available that might work with your schedule. 


Our sessions are organized into three a 16-week sessions beginning in January, May, and September however registration for lessons is ongoing and you may begin at anytime.  We offer tuition packages in 16, 8 and 4 week options.  For our tution rates and studio policy you can view these online.


Getting Started

To begin registering for lessons, contact the school with your availability on the instrument of your choice.  If you choose to email us, please include your availabilty and preference of day/time.  


Once we find a time that works for you, you can reserve that lesson time by paying for the one-time registration fee. We will not accept any payments for lessons until we have a day/time available confirmed that will work for your schedule AND we will not reserve lesson times until the registration feee is paid BEFORE the day of the first lesson. Time reserveration is on a first come first serve basis. 



To schedule lessons and to get registered, you can click on any of the instrument pages below or you can: 



1. Book Online- Choose an instrument below and schedule a trial lesson


2. Call us at 312 416-0622


3. Email us 




 Guitar Lessons
The guitar and the various forms of the instrument have probably been one of the most popular instrument for centuries. In visual art it is often the preferred subject...
 Piano Lessons
Piano is the one instrument which all composers have played and written for. Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Gershwin Ellington, Lennon/McCartney, Elton John, The beauty of...
 Voice Lessons
The voice is the one instrument that everyone has and yet so many don't know how to properly use it. There cannot be enough said about the importance of...
 Bass Lessons
The bass is the backbone of any group. Understanding of theory, technique, and style are the underpinning skills of bass playing. The versatility of a bassist will depend...
 Drum Lessons
Drum lessons teach the most important and universal elements of music: RHYTHM. Drum lessons are taught on a real drum set. Students may be begin taking drum lessons...
 Woodwind Lessons
The woodwind family includes the flute, oboe, bassoon, clarinet and saxophone. We currently offer flute, clarinet, and saxophone lessons.
 Harp Lessons
Harp is one of the Oldest known instruments.  The harp in its simplest form dates back to ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.  The harp in its most modern...
 Violin Lessons

The violin is one of the most traditional instruments and one that is played equally as a solo instrument or in ensembles. There are so many beautiful repertoire pieces that one...




Frequently Asked Questions


When can I begin lessons? 



How does the scheduling work?
All scheduling is done an individual basis.  Call or email the school to find out what times and days are open for the instrument of your choice.

How do I decide which instrument is best for me?

That is a tough decision and one that must be made by the individual. The guitar is often considered the most popular instrument in the world.  The piano is the one instrument that everyone composer has written for.  The voice is the instrument that everyone has. Drum teaches rhythm which the most important element on any instruments... we could go on about the importance of each instrument, but it really comes down to what the student likes and is interested in.  

Some considerations: 


  • Which instrument do you already own?
  • Does your living situation does not permit you to play a piano there?
  • How are the teachers chosen?

What are the credentials of the teachers?
All teachers have professional training and considerable experience teaching.  We are very selective about the teachers we choose to add to our staff and only choose those who we feel can really make a difference in our student’s lives.  Click Here to read more about our teachers.