Early Bird Program






       "Every child is an artist. The problem is how he can 

remain an artist one we grow up"             P Picasso.
















EarlyBirds! Childhood Music Program is designed to expose and introduce children under the age of 5 to music.  Typically students begin private instrumental instruction on select instruments around the age of 5.   The significance of the age of five years correlates to the development of the musical motor skills needed for playing and learning an instrument.  However we know from scientific studies that children are processing and absorbing music far earlier than the age where they are able to study independently. 


The new-born and toddler classes are designed for a parent/caregiver and the child to attend together.  The classes are 45 minutes in length.  Each class begins with a brief social acclimation period outside the classroom before the class begins.  Each 12-week semester uses a thematic material as the basis for the song choices.  The same song cycle is used week to week re-enforcing repetition while introducing new skills, movement, variations, and new songs each subsequent week.  The class sizes are small allowing the instructor to focus on the needs of each students and the class as a whole.  



The EarlyBirds! childhood classes use your child's excitement to: 
•   Expose your child to phonetics using a language based curriculum 

•   Pre-exposes your child to classroom socialization with musical learning 

•   Teaches your child specific motor skills using moving and traditional melodic and folk themes

•   Teaches your child to how to play multiple age-appropriate instruments

•    Introduces your child to music instruments as a pre-cursor for private lessons when then are older. 




The Childhood Music Program is for new born through five years of age and has three development groups:  

walking to four year olds 
four to five year olds

*** We also offer family classes to accommodate children whose sibling(s) are in a different age group. 




We are currently not offering the EarlyBirds! class in the Winter 2018 session