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Learning an instrument IS something you always wanted to do. RIGHT?

You are not alone





Learning a musical instrument is often on people’s wish list of things to do in life.  Some students are trying to rekindle the excitement they had when they played when they are younger.  Other students never learned an instrument growing up but wish they had.




• Our lessons for designed for the working professionals, professional and novice musicians. See our professional training page for information for more advanced students.


• We offer a range of popular instruments for private lessons: Piano, Guitar, Voice, Harp, Bass, Drums, Saxophone, Clarinet, and Drums.


• We offer lessons during the day, afternoon, and in the evenings. We also offer lessons for some instruments on Saturdays.


• Lessons are offered in 30, 45 and 60-minute increments depending on your commitment, interests, experience and budget.





Guitar Lessons

We offer acoustic, classical, and electric guitar lessons. Students will learn from an experienced professional who will motivate and you and get you playing your favorite songs in no time.


Piano Lessons

We offer piano lessons in classical and jazz.  If you have never played and aren’t sure don’t worry, the lessons at the early stages of learning are the same.


Voice Lessons

Students will learn training and proper technique for natural singing. You will learn the music you want to learn and with the proper technique for singing it.


Violin Lessons

This is very popular instrument with adults. You get back to your old form and impressively charm your friends at dinner parties with your violin skills.


Saxophone/Clarinet/Flute Lessons

Get back to learning that old saxophone sitting in your closet. You can learn jazz, blues and rock riffs right next to your classical tunes.  


Double and Electric Bass Lessons

We offer upright double bass lessons and electric bass lessons for the beginning novice and for gigging professionals. You will learn how to carry a bassline in any style.


Drums Lessons

It is fun to blow of some steam bangin the drumskins after work. We offer 5-piece set lessons for adults. You can learn to accompany any style of you music you like and everything you need to know about drumming.


Harp Lessons

The string instrument that your neighbors will love when you practice! We offer traditional pedal harp lessons. We can help you find a harp to rent for your practicing.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to I get started?

Call us to find a time slot in one of our teacher’s and we will get you started this week if possible. You can check out our availability online and even book your first lesson!


When can my lessons begin?

Right away!! Just give us a ring, send us an email and tell us when to contact you or book online right now.


How much do the lessons cost?

We offer packages of 4, 8, and 16 lessons in increments of ½-hr, ¾-hr and 1-hour durations.

There is the one-time registration fee due at least one day BEFORE the first scheduled lesson.  You can read our rates on our tuition page.


How do I choose a teacher?

If you are a complete beginner any of our teachers will suit you just fine.  If you like you can call us and we’ll pair you with the best fit we think. We have been doing this for years and work hard to find the right fit for each student.  If you have years of experience and need to focus on a certain style we will put you with the right teacher for your interests. You can read about our teachers online.


What time slots are available?

These are always changing and it varies depending on the instrument. You can check out our availability online. You can also call us or email us and let us know your availability and we will let you know what we have available.


Do we offer trial lessons?

Yes.  We do offer a 30-minute trial lessons but do REQUIRE students pay our registration fee/depsoit BEFORE the day of the first scheduled lessons. We have students with the best intention will even forget about their lessons but somehow remember when have paid this fee.


We are so confident that you will be happy with your lessons that if you are not happy with the lessons we will refund your deposit (less the registration fee).

We can’t guarantee the time slot won’t be taken by another student the following week until you register for future lessons.  Call us to reserve a time slot for a trial lesson.