Private Lesson Registration

Tuition, Registration, and Studio Policies

The Chicago School of Music runs on three semesters annually but lessons may begin at any time.  If you register for lessons in the middle of the session, your tuition may be pro-rated for the remainder of the session. 



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The 2017-2018 dates are as follows:


Fall  2017   September 5- December 23

Winter  2018    Jan 2- Apr 21



Registration Process

To register for lessons call or email the school with the instrument of your choice and your day/time preference.  You may also schedule an appointment to visit the school to setup up registration.  There is a non-refundable registration fee of $35 due at the time of initial registration.  The minimum registration fee must be paid prior to the first lesson in order to reserve a day/time.  If you don't pay the registration fee before the day of the scheduled lesson then your lesson is not confirmed.


The minimum number of lessons students may register for is four.  After the first four lessons, students will have the option if they want to continue with their lessons or discontinue.  If they choose to continue they will have the option of continuing on a month to month basis or they may register for the pro-rated remainder of the 16 week session.  If they choose to register monthly, monthly lessons are paid via auto-withdrawal with a credit card. 



Scheduling is done on an individual basis at a day/time TBA. Lessons are set at a regular weekly day/time. Teachers are available Monday through Friday 11:00 am- 9:00 PM and on Saturdays from 9am - 7pm.  You must register in advance prior to the day of the first lesson either over the phone or in person.  The minimum due before the first lesson is the $35 ONE-TIME registration fee.  Lessons are not confirmed unless this registration fee is paid in advance.

The Chicago School of Music reserves the right to substitute a teacher should it become necessary to do so during the course of the session.  Students may change their schedule and/or teacher in the middle of the session but if they choose to do so, day/time availability is not guaranteed.


Tuition and Fees
Rates may vary depending on the teachers.  Tuition is based on 16 weeks and we offer the option of paying in 8 and 4-week intervals.  (See monthly billing option) The 16-week option saves 10% over the four-week option and 5% over the 8-week option.  Tuition fees for most teachers are as follows:

1/2 hr lessons 16 weeks $550; 8 weeks $288; 4 weeks $150*

3/4-hr lessons 16-weeks $825; 8 weeks $433; 4 weeks $226*
1-hr lessons 16 weeks $1100; 8 weeks $577; 4 weeks $302*


* the tution rate when paying on auto-debit or in advance. Monthly payments paid late occur an additional 10% charge

** the 16 week option saves 10% over the 4 week option and 5 % over the 8 week option

Monthly Billing Option
All students who are paying for lessons on a month-to-month basis (versus 16 weeks) must enroll in our automatic monthly billing program.  After lessons begin there is a trial period, after which enrollment will be required.  This system is a valid, safe, and secure way to pay for ongoing lessons at our school.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.  If a student begins in the middle of the month we will pro-rate charges accordingly.

Discontinuation Policy
We require students to notify us four weeks prior to discontinuation of lessons.  If you would like to discontinue your lessons in July, then we need to know by May 30, that you plan to discontinue lessons.  You need to fill out the discontinuation form and turn it in to the school.  You can download that form here. 

Cancellation Policy
Our teachers are flexible if they know of scheduling changes you need in advance.  Your lesson time guarantees that we will keep your lesson time each week.  If you don't' notify us in advance, then the teacher had to sit there when they could have taught someone else and yet they are holding the time for you the following week.  We require 48-hour notice for cancellations.  You must call the school and leave a message 48 hours prior to the scheduled lesson in order to not be charged for the lesson.  Each semester has at least one week before the next session in order to accommodate unanticipated missed lessons.  It will be up to the student to reschedule the lesson by notifying the teacher by submitting their request via the rescheduling form which can be done online. We allow one lesson to be rescheduled during the 16-week session.  All other rescheduled lessons are at the discretion of the teacher.

Refund Policy
No refunds are offered after the first week of lessons.  We are so sure you are going to like your lessons, if you aren't satisfied after your first paid lesson that will we will refund you the difference.  

Trial Lessons
We DO offer single trial lessons.  This is a good way for you to try the teacher and see if you like us.  To register for a trial lesson you must pay the registration deposit in advance of the scheduled trial lesson.  This is a one-time non-refundable registration fee of $35 due at the time of initial registration.  If you LikeUs on Facebook we will refund you $10 when you register.  We have found that many students, even those with the best intentions, don't show up for their trial lesson unless we collect this registration fee prior to the first lesson.




Please note, by paying the registration deposit, you are guaranteed that time slot however that will not reserve that time for the following week should you like to continue with that day/time the following week.  Another student may register for any time slot, which has not been registered and paid for.  

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